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The road of textile PE is encountered cold

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As dozenth the main component of a CIFIT, investment fund peak meets the 3rd Asia was held in Xiamen on September 8. On the meeting, a big website edits the experienced bout textile winter of true true be sure to.

The theme that this the peak meets depends on helping an enterprise gain the favour of PE, VC, final implementation appears on the market, the honored guest that makes a speech this also is given priority to with orgnaization of the investment orgnaization of PE, VC and intermediary. In thematic speech of the honored guest, introduced the company case that oneself run successfully mostly, how to see quiet market to the enterprise, seek proper investment orgnaization and had done a variety of preparation before appearing on the market to do careful analysis, from the point of the reaction of spot audience, these information still have certain profit to them.

However, an industry is only exceptional.

The triumphant thunder that chairs as the honored guest invests group director Zhao to could there be, the business that emphasizes them when its publish a theme to make a speech covers a range very wide, its invest a course is the way that takes entire industry. But after the conference ends, his investment prospect to spin industry is asked about in editing the website to communicate with its greatly how when look upon, he gave out an answer that is contrary to with his speech text photograph: "We still are with investing burgeoning industry, manufacturing industry, consumption course of study and new agriculture are given priority to at present. " avoid to reply to the problem of textile.

When the 榤 of president Zhang Jia that same question casts group of great Yue media, also got similar result. Look in him, aux would rather go joining line of business of manufacturing industry, service, also do not wish to cast textile, "Be in because of textile hibernate, foreground expects hard " . He thinks every industry may have a cycle, but will tell at present, textile lies trough, be in the period of benefit sky to capital.

The notion that casts those representing capital presents the state of lean to one side, what reaction be over there the enterprise? Meet in the peak the spot, editor of a big website followed a trading company controller of this locality to undertake communicating. This company is making the export trade of spin, dress all the time, feel foreground now however very not hopeful, want to expand a few new business. She gave out even textile the time length this winter, "Control in 3 years probably " . Look in her, this is the problem that whole industry place faces, besides relying on policy to be able to solve partial problem, ready-made, await an industry to turn warming is the way that must want. When the purpose that asks about her to attend this meeting when editor of a big website and results, she replies lightly: "We just seek more market information. " write apparently on her face to the longing of capital and disappointment.
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