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Spin garment industry is encountered strand join forces of politics look forward

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Why to face the dilemma that spin garment industry encounters, king of chairman of guild of Fujian Province spin is opened bright think --

"If spin garment industry is OK computational life, then it is certainly ' banzai industry ' " , china comes in 30 years the moment with spin garment the most painful industry, many fontal city entrepreneur as before confidence is dye-in-the-wood. Regard the biggest industry of fontal city as pillar, spin dress is the our city lives firmly undoubtedly the crucial place of Ben Peiyuan of grail, solid. Yesterday, day of vice-chairman of association of fashion colour of chairman of guild of Fujian Province spin, China, sea spins group president gently when Wang Qiming accepts reporter special report, think, although facing a lot of and adverse factor, but the world does not have a change to the huge demand of dress, he believes to carry resultant force of politics look forward to, fontal city dress will continue to maintain exuberant vitality.

Spin garment industry enters head of the tireddest difficulty

"See traveling trader of an United States inaccessibly " . This year wide those who hand in meeting dimensions to be the history most, but the spin dress that spreads flower show house exhibits an area to did not get corresponding show appreciation for sb however. In second borrow the crisis, dollar to devalue, below the effect that knows Zhang to spread to take delay with world economy, of the order of a few states such as the United States decrease your many one disaster after another that spin look forward to.

Wang Qiming thinks, money is constrictive this year, the RMB appreciates, cost rises wait for adverse element, center in same time entirely paragraph appear, the hardships of feeling of equipment of spin garment industry that this lets profit of former capital and profit is not high. Inside course of study, this one predicament is called " 3 rate two price " overlay effect (namely the multiple and adverse) of rate of drawback of interest rate, exit, exchange rate and price of raw material of the sources of energy and labour force price. The personage inside many course of study is forecasted, this perhaps is spin garment industry 30 years the moment with come the most painful.

According to calculating, RMB every appreciate 1%% , the profit margin of industry of cotton spin, wool spin, garment will drop respectively 3.19%% , 2.27%% and 6.18%% ; Moved on electrovalency on July 1 this year, only industry of this one spin will increase the burden that use phone one year 3.75 billion yuan; In money constrictive setting falls, partial enterprise is helpless under change folk to loan, can't bear high interest rate again however... at present, the integrated effect of data backside has shown: Enter since 2008, the battalion of already of domestic look forward to of 2/3 is in deficit or small interest position, average profit margin is - 0.67%% , our country dress exports the forehead to grow 3.4%% only compared to the same period first half of the year this year, amplitude is far under 2007 the 21.7%% first half of the year. With respect to fontal city character, amplitude of total production value of company of clothing of dimensions above spin already appeared first half of the year this year the sign that puts delay.
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