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Our country exports taxation fine tuning of sex of policy general structure

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The closest period of time, policy of revenue of our country export is successive fine tuning: Already the drawback policy that urges exit is adjusted, again the special custom duty that controls export appears. The expert inside course of study thinks, did not come for some time, policy of revenue of our country export will still continue fine tuning posture, continue to insist to promote an industry to upgrade, limitation " two tall one endowment " the policy way that exports with the fundamental goods such as commissariat.

Structural sex fine tuning will still continue  

"Our country wants to wait for resource sex product to add to chemical fertilizer ask for exit special custom duty, its are important the reason is these products had not formed reasonable price to form a mechanism. " Zhang Bin of researcher of place of finance and trade of courtyard of Chinese company division thinks, the production of resource sex product did not include the compensation cost of pair of resource, environment already, did not cover the cost that counterpoises to mining again, price of the electric power of our country of prep let alone, the sources of energy gets for a long time control, accordingly, be in current below this kind of circumstance, using the export that exports the method such as special custom duty to control these products is reasonable.

because of such, since last year, our country adjusted export revenue policy for many times early or late. For instance, by last year, the exit drawback that our country cancelled the unprocessed food grains such as wheaten, paddy and its milling product, export provisional custom duty from what 5%-25% of step aside ask forring differred on January 1, 2008; Since this year increase chemical fertilizer product 4 times to export custom duty early or late.

The expert inside course of study thinks, having transition of foreign trade structure is a long-term course, and in this process, commissariat and " two tall one endowment " wait for commodity to export a doorsill or will taller, and the entrance of the commodity such as the crucial equipment that aims to accelerate economic structure transition or will get giving aid to further.

Presiding economy division holds national information center concurrently economy forecasts department head Fan Jianping to think, difference of value of product of domestic and international resource is at present big, can fix the price through progressively attune, conform with international stage by stage, the method that reforms into travel mechanism again is right value of resource sex product forms a mechanism to undertake reform.

Notable is, although our country adopts the method such as taxation and quota since this year,restrain " two tall one endowment " the exit of the product, but a few " two tall one endowment " product export still is increasing. Analytic personage thinks, as a result of,the fast growth of these products is being alluded price of resource, the sources of energy " do not reach the designated position " , its still have very strong competition ability on the international market. Accordingly, while steady pace fixes price of resource, the sources of energy, continue to have adjusting control through exporting taxation policy imperative.
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