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Market of Chinese dress major grows advantages and disadvantages

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Measure of market of Chinese dress major is numerous, distributing dotted, according to not complete count, at present the dress major market of the dimensions on our country achieves on more than 10000, year turnover is in on average on ten million yuan. Dress major market ever was in the part that the China of 80 time is acting 20 centuries to cannot be replaced, as a kind of mature dress product cent sells pattern, already gained good economic benefits and social influence. According to association of Chinese textile industry 2005 the statistic of second half of the year, our country year dress kind professional market clinchs a deal 100 million yuan of above amount to the forehead 252, year add on average fast achieve 10.2% , exceeded GDP add fast. Dress major market becomes the brunt large unit that drives progress of area dress economy already.

Dress major market go up oneself 80 time begin the century initiative form, in developing a process, governmental function branch ever was having crucial effect, in the government corresponding policy is mixed guide under, the market obtained rapid development. Its trade the place experienced ground booth form -- big canopy type -- of store type evolve into a process, reflected management activity by do not have foreword inchoately to change direction gradually orderly, management class from inchoate cheap promote class gradually, market dimensions enlarges dimensions gradually from hearts inchoately ground. Scanning of market of major of countrywide main dress is below (3 class board piece) :

1. Hua Na area -- class

The market of major of dress of Hua Na area that represents for the model with Guangdong, Fujian, start earlier, expedite iformation flow, advantaged situation, strong property base, make Hua Na area of be worthy of make market of Chinese dress major the first class.

Current, guangzhou already formed what be bibcock with Bai Ma to shed flower board piece reach the Sha He that is bibcock with Sha Dong board piece dress major market. Jobber of dress drifting a flower has wholesale center of more than 10 dress inside estate division, among them horse of Bai Ma, day and step by step dimensions and class are higher. Additional, guard of Guangdong tiger door also is wholesale relatively centralized place, enrich the people among them commercial edifice and city of Yellow River fashionable dress are provided most representative.

2. China east area -- the 2nd class

The dress economy of Hua Dong area is depending on area of geography of long triangle advantage with good progress mode, narrowed greatly with bead three-cornered distance, the in some way was surmounted even bead trigonometry, market of natural major of dress of ascend body China the 2nd class.

The professional market of model of Hua Dong area has: Store of action of the market of major of 7 riverside road of Shanghai, Changshu, Ke Qiao spins market of woollen sweater of courtyard of city, Pu gently, knit li of childen's garments market of blueness of the four seasons of the market, Hangzhou, Hainingpi change city. What market of major of dress of Hua Dong area goes is the way of professional base, the product the group dominant position of powerful concentrated dominant position and assemble of produce and sale develops acme.
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