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Shenzhen model line of business is small upright predicament is waited for broke

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Shenzhen is town of military importance of Chinese female outfit, own dress brand exceeds 1200; However, corresponding model industry however lonely lonely is anonymous, from beginning to end cannot to " high end is fashionable " draw close --
Come when in September, hand-me-down of international of Russia dress exhibition, Hong Kong is exhibited and Shanghai international dress is exhibited etc dress bound grand occasion is concentrated and frequent, eye of dazzle of global brand dress, famous model comes on stage, a dress that receives " SHOW " wind is lifted to rouse billow in industry, seize person eyeball.
What form bright contrast with this is, the high end of Shenzhen of Chinese dress town of military importance " beautiful field " quiet all the more however, billows not Jing. Although Shenzhen daughter is installed,produce in the whole nation the quantity is highest, production value is the greatest, the brand is most, also can lead fashionable tide most, however, because to it close together and relevant model industry development is restricted, shenzhen female outfit is being revealed globally, fail to grasp from beginning to end on sale arena " bibcock " , cannot expression of ground of incisively and vividly, outstanding ego, shenzhen city " fashionable index " also sell at a discount greatly.
A month comes, reporter development visits discovery of Shenzhen model industry, although the development soil can of Shenzhen model market says admirable, but, low administrative levels of disorder of development of estate of lack of top class model, model, industry is run outstanding wait for a lot of problem, bring about its to cannot cast off low end from beginning to end predicament, always be in add " quantity " do not add " qualitative " wander on development route, become Shenzhen garment industry to span what type develops is the biggest " short board " .
Whole nation of beautiful field amount
Shenzhen is anonymous however model
In fact, the market of Shenzhen model industry is very big, beautiful field amount also resides countrywide coronal.
The model show of Shenzhen can be in the majority with taking bound money, occupy the 50 % of model business at least. Because Shenzhen has company of many 3000 clothing,this is, include to take company of many countrywide amount is maximum 2300 female outfit among them. In addition, shenzhen is had own female outfit brand 1200 many, have in home among them know a spent brand higher to have 100 many, a lot of enterprises order goods every year meeting hold basically in Shenzhen.
In addition, the exhibition industry of Shenzhen developeds, exhibit variously every year meeting, for example the car is exhibited, gem is exhibited, estate is exhibited etc, bigger also to the demand of model. And all sorts of activities of other type, wait to also be met like large celebration one part beautiful field measures billabong.
The type as a result of model besides T stage model (also walk along excellent model namely) , outside product promotion model, still include advertisement model (model of planar model, movie and TV) , because this Shenzhen is very much clothing company is annual of two season taste conduct propaganda newly an album of paintings is general also " fat water does not shed alien cropland " , look for this locality model to film directly.
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