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7 into appear on the market spin look forward to outstanding achievement glides

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Although latter nation published company of clothing of a few pairs of spin give aid to policy, but appear on the market from 47 spin clothing company announces outstanding achievement looks this year first half of the year, the achievement of most enterprise is not ideal.

Appear on the market in 47 main spin in the company, outstanding achievement gives the enterprise that glides now to amount to 34 first half of the year, occupy than for 72.34% , heavy disaster area basically is centered in the domain such as company of treatment of cotton spinning, chemical fibber, exit clothing, the industry measure of metaphase occurrence deficit achieves 9, industry sticking gum, polyester industry and deficit of cotton spinning trade are the most serious, deficit range is amounted to respectively 42.86% , 40% reach 25% .

To this, editor in chief of network of the first spin barks advancement thinks, the profit margin that signs up for in cannot real report appears on the market the state that spins look forward to, because " the part appears on the market in the profit that the company reports, included such as equity to make over, estate, electroanalysis the other investment such as aluminium or the blame that cross a trade advocate battalion income, this masks spin greatly advocate the difficult degree of course of study. " be like Hua Mao share, implementation net profit grew 49.38% compared to the same period first half of the year 2008, but 89.84% what yield holds company profit total.

Bark advancement expresses, look from entire industry, outside dividing profit of company of clothing of brand of partial sale in domestic market to be able to grow continuously, ability of spin company profit tends descendent problem is very severe already, the industry is faced with live the crisis is all-time. Investigation shows, the integrated cost that spin produces a business since this year rises on average 20%~30% , but the sale price of spin dress product that faces consumptive group directly rises the space is limited, its profit space inevitable press press. The personage inside course of study thinks, occurrence decline changes the spin industry of our country hard already, of textile " cold winter " the likelihood should be maintained 1 to two years.

Origin: Guangzhou daily
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