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Hangzhou this week 7 days of successive sales promotion " fight "

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This week has two red-letter days -- teacher's day and the Mid-autumn Festival, so, the sales promotion offensive of this week market is more concentrated also, no matter be " send completely " or " decrease completely " be in upgrade, the vivid motivation of teacher's day was spent on September 10 is warm-up only, week quarto only then will more lively.
These two days, many bazaar rolled out special activity to the teacher, like solution 100, inn of west lake of inn of silver-colored peaceful Wu Lin, Yintai rolled out the activity that by pedagogic card OK and free conduction VIP blocks.
Last weekend, by pedagogic card silver inn of peaceful west lake can obtain certificate of 100 yuan of ceremonies and VIP card, bazaar states this week still can continue roll out, and benefit star offerred certificate of a shopping ceremony each for 100 teachers. Market regulation, before teacher's day came to what benefit star shops that day 100 teachers, want to consume aleatoric amount in bazaar only, even if just go bending official family name to buy towel of a paper, can mix by pedagogic card shop small bill gets value in B1F total information desk 50 yuan ceremony certificate a piece. Besides, bazaar still will collect a student to send beatific signal of the teacher, single out the sieve 10 the sweetest blessings at the appointed time, serve an elegant moon cake and certificate of 50 yuan of ceremonies each for these 10 teachers.
Generally speaking, the sales promotion battle September can be in in the last ten-day of a month begins, and the sales promotion this year has however some ahead of schedule, this and autumn of mount ark start ahead of schedule quite relative. Because the in advance of summer wear is hit,fold this year, make autumn mount ark time is compared last year in advance a month, and weather also very cooperate, just compare at the beginning of September cool, and in former years should arrive the middle ten days of a month just can have bit of cool idea in September, the change of air temperature makes the sale of autumn outfit increase by degrees steadily. Look from the sales figures of a few bazaar, basic from September begin first, the sale of autumn outfit has had break out apparently, so in advance cooperates to also be in reason with sales promotion.
The controller that sees market of 100 female costume discloses, now the 80%-90% on bar has been autumn outfit, the city below summer wear is very fast this year. And compared to the same period last year, the amplitude of autumn outfit achieves 90% above this year, last week, resemble treasure appearance shop, autumn outfit turnover was done 50 thousand multivariate, the grid shirt of the autumn outfit of Er of Ma silk humble, Teenie Weenie, had sold at the beginning of September cruel.
This Zhou Qitian, because have teacher's day and the Mid-autumn Festival, so some bazaar make sales promotion everyday almost. Nevertheless teacher's day is warm-up only, four begun activities meet this week more lively.
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