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Zhejiang silk is on estrade of a hunderd schools

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Love during Beijing Olympic Games by audience of China and foreign countries " Chinese story " thematic culture activity, in Beijing incomplete the entrance door is opened once more during abstruse meeting, friend of greeting world guest walks into Chinese culture. On September 8, distinguished scholar comes to Olympic park at red " Chinese story " medium Zhejiang auspicious cloud hut, for Zhejiang in the spot silk should remove announcer, plugger.
In Zhejiang at red auspicious cloud hut sees the technology that place Xie when, say surprisingly: "Did not think of you move dye vat and dye, it is project huge really. " say, take a printing and dyeing to have 100 immediately child the silk clip Xie of the graph says, "This is you fresh those who give heat, I should take it to estrade of a hunderd schools, look to all audiences. "
When she sees weaving is performed, extemporaneous play says: "All what are these things? What mirror actually is the life position with Changjiang Delta long a region of rivers and lakes, red line, blue line, white line, clip has rhythm ground to move back and forth by easy stages back and forth, need has how halcyon heart. Experience realizes the way of weaving, we can feel time becomes flow rises, become halcyon come down, become easy rise. "
Then, she films in Olympic park estrade of a hunderd schools " the Great Master speaks " program, pass spot of network direct seeding. She says when introducing Zhejiang hut: "Zhejiang is the place that I have deep love for. I have been to Zhejiang countless times, what because I feel in this place I can see the Southern Song Dynasty is faced,install the sort of acme is flourishing, the beauty of the excessive of a person of extraordinary powers that Liu Yong writes inside in sight tide. "
"Silk is like water, of silk elegant those who revealed it to flow is idiosyncratic, it is take out the silk that come bit by bit from pod. Do you believe, a small pod can take out the silk that comes to 1280 meters to grow. " go up in estrade of a hunderd schools, yu Dan tells audience, why can be silk teemed with at Zhejiang? Because of Zhejiang person Na Wenwan's meticulous and deliberate nature can discover more and create the beauty of silk.
Yu Dan is " Chinese story " culture shows mobile adviser. Incomplete during abstruse meeting, "Chinese story " with " estrade of a hunderd schools " cooperate, the immaterial culture bequest that reveals with hut of 30 auspicious cloud is a foundation, begin to 16 days from September 7 " Chinese story " activity of Great Master dialog. Yan Chong year, easy meridian passage, Mao Peiqi, Qian Wenzhong, Wang Liqun, Meng Man, Kang Zhen, Zhou Ling, Ma Wei, everyday a scholar, daily a topic, develop the Chinese nation to guest of China and foreign countries the development of advanced culture and inheritance, elaborate Olympic culture and Oriental culture blend.

Origin: Zhejiang daily

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