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First half of the year demand of market of Chinese costume sale in domestic mark

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Get global economy price of fatigued and weak, crude rises, grain oil rises in price, the much element influence such as snow calamity and seismic calamity, market of Chinese costume sale in domestic market presents a demand first half of the year this year low confuse posture. Nevertheless, the expert forecasts: Hopeful of second half of the year tends improve.

The reporter understands from Chinese clothing association now, according to the sale statistic of large to countrywide key retail company, countrywide key is large and retail first half of the year this year the enterprise realizes dress kind sell amount comparing to go up growth of year of the corresponding period 2 into one, on amplitude comparing year fall after a rise of the corresponding period is close 5 percent.

According to introducing, look from demand side, grain oil rose in price to control the demand of dress greatly first half of the year this year, and the Spring Festival and May change garments according to the season should be Chinese dress sale rushs two originally tall period, presented trough in snow calamity and seismic calamity however. This year one, 2 quarters, average per capita of Chinese town dweller can control income to rise to be become respectively 2 and become 4, all rise in price under grain oil apparently speed, that is to say the dweller's disbursement ability happened to drop in this paragraph of time. Look from consumer confidence index, dropped than last year this year a step.

Dress dispute is bought surely article, when level of income of hopeful, dweller improves macroscopical economic situation, its demand can promote apparently, can be restrained apparently conversely. From countrywide large dress circumstance of change of index of monthly of retail prices of product of retail business dress looks, dress consumes price index to glide ceaselessly, the monthly index that there are 7 months in last year exceeds 120, and neither one month exceeds 120 first half of the year this year.

According to calculating, dress of China of second half of the year produces an enterprise to will adjust the market in time to supply a plan this year, the product puts in a quantity to will be compared first half of the year somewhat fall after a rise, and fall in price adaptability action, what consumer also can compare commodity of more recipient first half of the year part is reasonable rise in price. The Olympic Games plus second half of the year, mid-autumn the chance of holiday, 11 golden weeks, new year's day, market of Chinese costume sale in domestic market is overall circumstance had answered first half of the year.

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