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Our country spin exports final position European Union to face fall

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Halloo again and again with IT course of study place anguish is compared, chinese textile appears to the feeling of economic cold winter more honest. From September 2 the RMB is opposite valence afterwards is broken through among euro exchange rate 1 than 10 after closing greatly, heretofore continues strong, this allows Chinese textile export trade " last position " the European Union faces fall.

Since 2005, the European Union is Chinese textile all the time the biggest commerce is companionate, especially the United States second after borrowing the crisis to bring about global economy to drop in temperature, the RMB is actual to euro the gender devalues, it is more important that the abidance of European Union market grows to be exported to our country textile strong. According to customs total office statistical data showed on September 10, dress of our country spin is swift and violent to growth of European Union export first half of the year this year, amount to 17.39 billion dollar, grow 44% .

The RMB inside short time is right of euro tremendous appreciate, make Chinese textile some unaware. Gao Yong of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry expresses to media before this, if the RMB is right,valence appreciates among euro exchange rate the situation continues continuously, dress of our country textile will be affected to the exit of the European Union by certain level. Anticipate China exports quantitative increase rate to the spin of the European Union will from this year in year 19.96% drop considerably 6.36% of next year.

Before editor in chief of network of the first spin barks, China thinks into the analysis, because euro devalues, china exports quantitative growth to will drop to the spin of euro area 4.5% , and get euro area economic depression concussion, exit quantity growth will drop considerably 11.2% . On the whole, china exports quantitative increase rate to the spin of the European Union will from this year in year 19.96% drop considerably 4.26% the end of next year.

European Union market faces fall, this forces Chinese textile to compare before agoger ground seeks rising market. Although in recent years, chinese textile increased the strength that develops market of home of the United States that be not Europe, east the burgeoning development country of growth of capacity of taller, consumption makes the population cardinal number such as alliance, Brazil, India, Russia gradually draw one of main power that use outlet of our country textile, but the slow down as global economy, these rising markets also not allow hopeful.

Before this year 7 months, our country textile already appeared to the exit of Russia the negative growth of 13.16% ; Exit east alliance amount is 5.268 billion dollar, than going up year of the corresponding period grew 7.74% only; Add to the exit of area of Africa, latin america fast also maintain in on digit, far under last year the corresponding period. To this, bark advancement expresses, "Clearly, in experienced a fast growth period hind, already entered the new level that increases hasten delay in the round to the exit of rising market. "
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