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Analyse the development of industry of Chinese spin garment and fixed position

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How does   build a harmony, can last, the development that the spin dress of healthy progress supplies catenary to will come to spin industry has important sense. At present the whole world faces inflationary problem, the industry of each country is facing enormous challenge below this kind of form. Below this kind of circumstance, need analyses a reason, analytic problem, seek the way of the development henceforth.

One, the current situation of Chinese spin industry and problem

To the challenge that Chinese spin industry faces, the limits that need jumps out to produce industry production will undertake an analysis. Above all, pass a few more the following the current situation that data will come analyse industry of the world and Chinese spin garment (graph 1) . 4% what Chinese GDP took the world 2007; 5.9% what Chinese industry exit takes the world; 20% what Chinese total population takes the world; 200 years consumption of fiber of world average per capita is 10.9kg, china is 14.6kg, average level of tower above world 34% . The textile that China has giant, rapid development needs the market inside dress, had become the source of main motive force that the industry develops.

Global fiber consumed gross to make an appointment with 78.4 million T 2007. The fiber treatment of Chinese spin industry measures 35.3 million T, occupy global fiber to consume 45% . Since 2002, capacity of Chinese fiber treatment increases by degrees with the speed of 15% (graph 2) . Without doubt, china is world spin dress supplies the most important production center in catenary.

Investing a respect, according to federation of manufacturer of ITMF(world spin) statistic, chinese textile is new 2007 invested ingot of annulus of 6.06 million ingot to spin equipment, 47% what take the world; 292 thousand turn cup spin, 51% what take the world; Forty-six thousand two hundred shuttleless loom, 68% what take the world; Round machine of 18 thousand knitting, 68% what take the world. China remains the central issue that world textile invests.

Rate side is had in the market, 22.3% what China held international textile to export the market 2006, 30.6% of clothing export market.

In product value respect, according to American custom statistic, the average price that the United States imported Chinese dry goods 2007 1.51 dollars / M2, it is from the world each country imports average price 1.81 dollars / 83% of M2. The additional cost of product of outlet of clothing of visible China spin and class still have the space of promotion.

The field is created in value, 2007 production value of American spin dress is 99 billion dollar, obtain employment number 550 thousand person, average per capita yields 180 thousand dollar; Total production value of company of spin of Chinese dimensions above is 419 billion dollar, obtain employment number 10.69 million person, average per capita yields 39 thousand dollar.
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