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Clothing company: Below expensive stock " end goods " a home to return to

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    " goods of this kind of brand is very popular, one have new money to arrive, our old client can come over to take immediately. " the Wei abundant dress in a section of a highway of brook of bank of highway of river of Zhongshan Shaxi Qi goes, the member that sell is taking the brown winter coat of a Zara Basic to say to the reporter.

Quality of thrum of if it were not for has bit of flaw, the recreational coat that the clothing company that from Zhongshan Sha Xi presses down some this to stick a card to produce Zara brand leaves factory, should appear in Europe originally brand shop of a certain Zara, reduce defective goods however nowadays, the dress of foreign trade inventory that is hanged in Sha Xi makes model in travel.

On the ave that in highway of river of Qi of sanded brook town about 3 kilometers grow, the commerce that collected many 600 similar sale inventory dress goes. The existence of so huge stock transaction market, with Sha Xi the development of garment industry does not have nothing to do is. "Clothing company of Sha Xi is given priority to with foreign trade more, defective goods stock is much. Additional, because the popularity of recreational dress is periodic very short, whenever the product of sale in domestic market turns season or market forecast error, become stock of keep long in stock very easily. " the boss dragon gentleman that some garment trade goes says, to reduce inventory pressure, utmost domain vivid capital, sha Xi's enterprise is badly in need of the channel of a digestive inventory.

"The inventory scale with clothing normal company is 20 % , and a lot of enterprises of Sha Xi are far however outclass this scale. " 4 years ago, dragon gentleman goes a factory buys Sha Xi, goods in stock piles the storehouse of storeroom keep long in stock morer than 3 big rooms. Although this enterprise still can gain, but so many inventory took up not only resource of space, manpower, material resources, still took up the capital of have enough to meet need of the enterprise. This enterprise presses inventory 18 yuan finally / jin the price sells dragon the gentleman, obtain 800 thousand yuan steam again fund. Come after that, dragon gentleman buys gotten inventory clothing by right of these low, earned brushstroke greatly, yuan Chao 800 thousand.

"Striving for good supply of goods is the first class issue that becomes this to go, but the person that does this to go now is increasing, competition is intense, clothing company also becomes clever, already bought valence to rise a lot of. " should be asked about recently when management circumstance of two years, dragon gentleman expresses, previously 1 million yuan goods, net 2 million yuan of ~300 10 thousand yuan be no problem basically, but present prices falls somewhat.

"All inventory dress such as the T-shirt, bull-puncher, female outfit, men's clothing, recreational outfit, sweater, kit and foreign trade dress are the object that we buy. Of course, the dress end money that if be POLO, CK, TOMMY, LEE,waits for world brand is better. " dragon gentleman says, they can go up through intermediary, net commonly release information, and attend dress exposition to wait to establish connection with clothing company, after be bought to manufacturer, divide different class to approve those who send and other places of inland and South America, Africa the area to purchase business again.
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