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Choose the 6 big item that the attention wants when dress joins in

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  dress joins in the gain with the biggest store is a vainglorious title that can use headquarters directly, and the experience of headquarters of have the aid of, reduce investment and management risk thereby. But, to joining in person for, "Duplicate " be over after headquarters manages spatial environment, atmosphere and product, it is OK to be not represented have nothing worry about. In management process, the person that dress joins in can involve a lot of element such as competition of financial management, human affairs management, development market, person of the same trade certainly, and each dress join in because the place is consuetudinary, located,inn is met environment of the market, competition those who wait is different, put in very big difference with headquarters. Flower in poineering lab reachs according to persistent research analysis: Want to gain profit steadily, the person that join in must the management concept headquarters, run means to be inducted etc for oneself practicable method, develop oneself management ability. In other words, choose to join in, the person that need to join in not only invests fixed capital, still need to throw many time and energy. After all bazaar is like battlefield, any accident brings about your devoted Fu Zhidong possibly to flow.

One, in join in early days, want to notice reasonable finance, reasonable devoted capital

Because be eager to poineering dress joining in set up shop, the person that some join in joins in to raise money gold, bail, get together everywhere, borrow even usurious also will not grudge. Once set up shop, although the business still also calculates successful, but everyday for debt of raise money countervail, of career of complete and inadvertently devote manage. Ought be in a head get army operator, once attemper and leave front line because of capital, other employee can be affected inside inn immediately, serve character then gradually low. And the client also is sensitive, can be far from this inn gradually slowly, of course outstanding achievement is impossible again upgrade promotion, original business returns pretty good storefront often break down because of this. Mr Feng joins in to raise money gold reachs practice charge, lend money to the person everywhere. Successful dress joins in after set up shop, the business is very prosperous. See profitable, a creditor puts forward to become a shareholder in order to borrow 100 thousand yuan to Mr Feng, participate in the allocation of the management of the hotel and profit, if do not agree, criterion immediately repay a debt. For debt of raise money countervail, mr Feng throws the management of the hotel involuntarily, service quality gradually low. Accordingly flower in poineering lab thinks, the person that join in wants do according to one's abilities, choose those who suit him doorsill to join in charge, otherwise, be heavily in debt, full day is anxiety-ridden, to the classics of storefront battalion causes very big effect. In the meantime, the investment that the person that dress joins in wants pair of whole fund decides a reasonable allocation scale, make the program of good whole. Not when after the practice of wind scene light, ability discovery already undertook storefront without capital of later period run, did not make an extremely big joke.
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