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The brand is the road of the self-improvement that force China spins look forwar

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  in recent years, our country textile carried extremely high development rate on overseas market, its giant spin company group exported the product such as cap of the dress with amazing amount, shoe for home of global each country -- according to statistic, be in the United States only the market, the hand-me-down product that has close 1/4 comes from China.

But since last year, be in by the United States second borrow the crisis to cause, such as RMB appreciates, raw material rises in price, below the worry of a series of adverse elements such as global inflation, on market of overseas of Chinese spin enterprise live environment, become send more austere rise. Below this kind of circumstance, this year first quarter, only Jiangsu province has 1066 last year the spin clothing company of gain, stopped to export business; And from the point of whole, this year first half of the year, the amplitude of total of export of our country textile relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 7.2 percent...

To this, concerned expert points out, besides by second besides the adverse element that borrows the crisis to cause, chinese spin enterprise is short of in what the brand builds an aspect break, also be to bring about its to be on the international market " decelerate " one of main reasons, strengthen a brand to build the job to already became urgent matter.

The brand is start

Today, the competition between the enterprise, increasing expression is " brand " competition. It is especially in the international market, without the enterprise of own brand, stand very hard in the market not only sufficient, enter the market to participate in competition to had become repeatedly even send hardship more.

On one hand, it is the sale in entering large market, supermarket hard without the commodity of the brand; On the other hand, the brand consciousness that is foreign consumer is stronger and stronger, they take a fancy to the culture that place of famous brand commodity represents and connotation already, also value the actual strength that its reflect rear, quality to wait a moment.

Accordingly, if Chinese spin enterprise wants to own the scope of operation that belongs to his together on the international market truly, should first from found a brand that belongs to oneself begins. In this respect, have a lot of international the successful experience of well-known company can be our place to draw lessons from.

With the leader that the whole world prints the market today -- essence of life is versed in the group is Aipusheng exemple, this family belongs year common mechanical watch manufacturer, can develop to be in today 42 countries mix the whole world area, have the super IT authority in a certain field of about a hundred branch, marching with its in course of the international market that print, be brave in to found the brand that belongs to oneself, having inseparable concern.
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