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Gregarious media: The new opportunity of dress sale

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  gregarious media and dress

The new latent capacity of conversational sex sale

Find the sense of fictitious dress from inside gregarious and fictitious network, the true dress that buys oneself to like again next -- , this kind of kind that consumes dress is in arisen.

Wang Qian is " 90 hind " undergraduate, she attends class, like to get online, wait to chat with classmate, friend through forum of guest of QQ, rich, BBS, she likes to talk about the topic of fashionable dress with others especially. She often still goes up QQ fictitious store, go buying all sorts of fictitious tide dress, the QQ figure that gives oneself next changes sundry dress. After be being moved by fictitious dress place, she looks for an opportunity to buy to go up with the net again the true dress of fictitious dress likeness. Chat in the network in, she shows the happy sense that gives her to realize him dress to dream through this kind of new way constantly. Actually, gregarious network world provided the apriority experience of dress to her, guiding her consumptive behaviour.

If you are browsed to site of fashionable rich customer, you can discover women gather together together, the jeans that talks about them ardently to like, will begin dozen fold sales promotion activity or a certain design of new fund. Consumer is astute rose, make before buying a decision, can compare the price and pattern on the net. Buy to hypostatic inn again through be bought on the net or be being investigated on the net first.

To sale person for, client generation is bought thought and make buying the blank terrain between the decision is one needs cultivated fertile soil -- , successful key depends on, in can joining a dialog, they should come, and can identify an among them drive factor. Now, attention economy has come. Character of place of Michael H.Goldhaber of no less than, in current society, only a kind of resource is rare those who be short of, that is the attention of people. "Obtain attention to obtain a kind of abiding money namely. " " experience " become burgeoning economy form, the configuration of a kind of economy after the experience has made economy of Wu of kimono of afterwards agriculture economy, industry economy gradually. The word of Howard Shuerci of astral Buck's president " what astral Buck sells is not coffee, however the experience to coffee " , in originality economy times, people values " not be a brand, however the experience to the brand. " aesthetic demand grows customer. As people living standard and oneself quality rise, people is satisfied at the corporeal sex function of commodity merely no longer, and the spirit that takes consumptive process seriously more and more is enjoyed and aesthetic pleasure. Dress industry needs to give rich and generous vitality value in the creation on the product, satisfy the aesthetic requirement of consumer.
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