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Virus type sale after all comfortable do not suit dress brand

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The happy net that   returns interiorly to evaluate is rapid leap up is red, because a few incentive measure in game let,be " virus type sale " had effect. As gregarious network (SNS) , the first pace that happy net collects a person to enrage is very successful.

The closest period of time, I lie between 3 difference 5 can receive as above of a main content " virus type sale " invite mail. Dispatcher does not have the MSN contact that one exception is me, there is fellow student of my elementary school, junior high school, high school, college among them, wen Nan of the friend that has company of enterprise, public relations, medium, red is friendly, I forget for a long time or still having a lot of is the person that has talked about a few words only.

Alleged " virus type sale " , it is the first news that shows initiator gives out a product to the user, rely on the public praise conduct propaganda with initiative user to reach more users again, the transmission that because of its the principle follows virus is similar and get a name. We go up in the network conveniently transmit a jest, a certain expression, it is such example.

Anyhow, serve trader to other Internet, and even for traditional IT enterprise, the fast crash name of happy net is to have those who draw lessons from a meaning. No matter be intimidate, still be lure by promise of gain, should have sufficient reason above all conduct propaganda of absorbing termless active even and active ground, this is successful the first pace. Remain, use namely enough absorbing product and service, farther clingy user.

And virus type sale is comfortable do not suit dress brand, this is operator of brand of a dress people the issue that ought to consider. To this, one is doing poineering work at dress period the friend also expresses such deep feeling, if dress brand can abide by virus type sale to open the market, that will be how the thing of be overjoyed.

Then, we are Baconian a few big features that summed up virus type sale:

Above all, suit network operation. Virus type sale is the first news that shows initiator gives out a product to the user, rely on the public praise conduct propaganda with initiative user again, the transmission that follows virus as a result of his principle kind try, say on economics try sale for virus, it is network sale a medium kind common and very effective method.

Next, fast growth rate. The person that virus type sale subscribes to the network client that makes you, mail becomes you the canister of pass on a message of online business, make you online portfolio shows exponential level explosion to grow. I must admit, "Virus type sale " this word a little aggressive. The person of the person that crack oneself up is virus type sale can let a person be terrified by the sight of sth or sb.

Again, cost is small, the risk is not big. But you must adore virus. His live a secluded life, until after relying on an amount to gain an advantage purely, people just realizes he is giant amount. His parasitism is on other host body, what use resource him multiply of host is unborn. In appropriate environment, he can show exponential level growth. Virus need not make a target even -- he relies on to duplicate merely, grow through geometrical class, break up every time time.
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