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Attitude of government of dress brand terminal is more important than adornment

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More and more dress proprietor begin   to establish brand image through selling terminal, form a distinctive storefront to design, formed sell a characteristic severally, transmitting brand individual character to consumer.

Consume in the light of specific target as a result of brand dress group, emphasize the individuation of dress brand, include the style of the product, sell a style, each respects such as brand image. Become only product style, when selling a style and brand image to agree, the disposition of the brand just is shown come out. Accordingly, sell field is crucial to foil brand image.

Sell of field at dress, it is the place of the sale not just, be a kind of individual character more reveal. Sell the design style of field, prop, lamplight to want the quality of foil dress etc, raise the additional cost of dress.

The design besides shop and decorate and outside, still have namely of dress display reveal, common says " place " . Dress besides undertake with beautiful shopwindow conduct propaganda and outside attracting passenger flow, inside inn display main to arriving since brand individual character and expression effect, client choose and buy goes to the lavatory in the meantime, have powerful stimulative effect to the sale of dress thereby.

In the meantime, with respect to dress terminal character, no matter be a label, decorate, commodity is displayed and all sorts of packing belong to etc sell a hardware; Besides, the terminal software such as management, service and salesperson is coequal also and significant. These software basically adopt the education of integral brand culture, employee is reached to the understanding of oneself brand have deep love for.

Down to serves the expression of personnel, style of conversation and attitude of attending to guests to be able to reflect. Seek advice from the statistic of the company according to, in affecting the main factor that sells an outstanding achievement for a long time, the proportion of business personnel occupied 30 % left and right sides, because this is in whole sell in running a system, personnel is very important segment. The assistant confronts a client inside inn, it is the one annulus that the client contacts a brand directly, the configuration that brand clothes conveys and information, communicate to the client through the assistant, accordingly, the assistant's dress dresses up, bearing of words and deeds all is accepted by the client directly, form the impression to the brand integratedly.

Besides environment, management and service outside, because the brand wants those who obtain the market, consumer and shopkeeper to approbate, show body finally to sell outstanding achievement actually in its above. "The brand that did not sell outstanding achievement is not good brand " sale idea, use terminal actively, stimulative sale.
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