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Women Hass Fort was "Famous Chinese Trademark"

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Recently, the city broke zero mass hi ladies good industry newsletter Fort Garments Co., Ltd. Shandong Hisilicon casual upscale urban fashion clothing brand ASPOP (Hass Fort) was identified as the Chinese State Administration for Industry-known trademarks, which rarely get involved in fashion for women Zibo industry is a great encouragement to the textiles sector. ASPOP (Hass Fort) brand was founded in 1998, and always adhere to the fashion creativity as a core competitiveness, with continued intensive version of type technology and culture to enhance the value-added products. In recent years, is playing "World Cooperation in China" banner, will be absorbed elements of the international forefront of the trend came in, and the team from South Korea to hire top designers in the fabric used in all applications of new high-quality fiber, to create the first Zibo stylish, elegant, intellectual, high-end green clothing brand.